Monday, December 15, 2008


I know, I know.  It's been almost a month.  I gave no conclusion to my time in Vienna, and have failed miserably to try and write such a detour of a transition that I met upon my arrival back in Memphis.  That was wordy.  But.  But!!!  I have grand news of subjective, epic proportions.  I received an email today from Laxmi (director of the orphan home I spent time at in Nepal last winter) that included photos.  I don't think I can convey the enormity of such a surprise.  For one, Laxmi doesn't exactly know English so the few emails that Britta and I have received over the past 8 months go something like this:  

All children fine.  Love you.  Ashish hospital.  Okay.  Festival and no school.  Very cold now.  

You get the idea.  Mixed with the facts that she never gets on the internet and the difficulty of actually putting photos on a computer over there, the following that you are about to witness is somewhat perplexing...and perfect.  Perfect timing for me as it swells my heart to workable proportions.  I miss these kids something awful and hope to visit next Christmas.  It's hard to believe Britta and I left almost one year ago already.  

So enjoy.  May it give a little jolt to your lifeline as well.

Because they're that cute.


I started crying when I saw this picture--Tulie, Jamuna, Gonga and Ashish are going to school now and looking much too itty-bitty to be wearing uniforms.  Nevertheless, adorable.


festival decorations--Sirjana is a great big sister

Sirjana (standing and wearing the outfit my family sent), Sima (left squatting), and Soniya all dark and gorgeous from the long hot summer.