Tuesday, June 29, 2010

great anticipation

I purchased malaria medicine that will make my skin sensitive to the sun. So if I come back looking like Tulie's (above photo) older sister (actually, mother..sheesh) blame it on the pharmaceutical company and not my disconcern for my health.

Friday afternoon I will depart for the inevitable days of exhausting travel that will land me (by God's good grace) in the hot, humid, bug-invested property of Harka Orphan Home where I will scoop up every hot, humid, bug-invested child and kiss their snotty faces until they push me away. Ahhh, paradise comes in funny packages.

And so it is that one large suitcase has been stuffed with outfits that my friend, Sarah, so generously purchased for the kids (photo shoots will be had), world maps given to me by my good friend Tom, an assortment of practical first aid materials, finger puppets, bubbles, clay, bandanas, photos from that time Cedric and I went to WWE Raw (I think I may become a mini celebrity just because I've been in the same arena as some of these kids' heroes), and the 16 beanie frogs that my sisters and I are frantically sewing all for the sake of 16 children loving and beating them to death in the muddy confines of their play world.

My hopeful arrival is next Monday where I'll see these munchkins...

...and be doing a lot of this...

Keep an eye open for quite a few stories over the course of July!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

one month...

...until I leave for Nepal!!! My anticipation is growing by the day, but as usual, I can't even fully realize the fact that I will be with the kiddos in just one month. Whoa. And though excitement runs through my veins back to my heart to give it life at the moment, I can't help but be saddened that Britta won't be with me this go around. It will be strange walking to the village for some cookies and hopeful internet by myself telling the local kids that my name is John Cena. The following are a few favorites from two and half years ago...I can't wait to see how much they've grown.

Tulie's steering while Manesa checks herself out in the mirror

morning dal bhat before school

the little ones keeping watch over the rice

a northside view of the compound

a first bubbles experience as Buddi holds up Ashish

catching bubbles takes such concentration

here's my boy, Manish...his nickname for me was Giraffe

our friends that inhabit the jungles to the south of Harka

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a prayer from brother nouwen

O Lord, let me praise you, bless you, worship you. So often my prayer turns into introspective ruminations regarding my own confused feelings and emotions. So often I find myself engaged in reciting a litany of self-complaints, or my attention wanders to people and events that inhabit my restless mind. O Lord, why do I keep focusing so much on what separates me from you? You are the source of all goodness, beauty, and love. You have shown me your mercy by coming to me and lifting me up into your own life through the life of your Church. And still I keep living as if the thousand other things that crowd my mind need more attention than you.

Help me in this struggle to make you the center of my inner life. Give me the grace of prayer. Show me clearly and convincingly how I am fooling myself, and give me the strength to follow this insight. Most of all, O Lord, let me understand that in and through you all my little concerns will be taken care of. You do not despise my worries, but you do ask me to trust that you will deal with them when I simply keep my eyes on you and your reign.

Teach me, O Lord, your way. Amen.