Friday, July 30, 2010

in memoriam

My grandmother, Jane Weaver Nall, passed away two days ago. It is with a great hope that I believe she is at rest and has seen the promised land.

(a short reflection):

Childhood slumber parties with Nannie and Dappie were always filled with certain expectations. King's Corner would be played, Lawrence Welk would be watched, ice cream would be offered so that Nannie would feel that much more justified in satisfying her sweettooth, and Nannie's warm bed and presence would comfort me to sleep through the night.

It wouldn't be until the following morning, however, that my child-like anticipation would be fulfilled: toast with butter and jelly, eggs, cereal, fruit, orange juice, milk, and water. Perhaps it was because Pop Tarts were my usual morning staple or maybe it was that three glasses to drink from felt satisfyingly indulgent--either way, breakfasts with my grandmother will always be a treasure of my memory.

I am thankful that she slapped too much butter on bread and that she scrambled eggs to perfection. I'm thankful that she taught us Southern hospitality as if she had lived in the South her whole life. I'm thankful that she wrote letters by hand until she could no longer. I'm thankful that my grandmother's memory covered a century. I'm thankful for her loyalty and discipline. I'm thankful that her eyes were open to the light and life of Christ, and that such grace has permeated through her veins and into the hearts of her family.


Lauren S said...

I'm sorry to hear that Becca. I'm assuming this is the grandmother that lived with you. Your family is in my prayers!

Mandy Spears said...

I'm sorry to hear this, Rebecca. I just went through this about 3 months ago, and even though she's better off, it still kind of stinks.

Transient Drifter said...

Sorry to hear about her passing, but what peace it is to know that she is with Jesus now. And so thankful you made it back on time. I was in HK when my grandmother passed, and here in Czech when my grandfather died last June, so I know what a blessing it is to be near loved ones at such a time. Hugs to you!